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Tscm Services



Law Abiding Technology offers expertise and global resources in Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), providing “De-Bugging” services at venues all over India. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), often called counter-eavesdropping or bug-sweeping, is the combination of people, process and equipment designed to detect and respond to attempts to undertake technical surveillance.

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Tscm services in India

About US - 

We understand that information is critical to success, which is why, we are continuously focusing on the development of Counter Surveillance Equipment’s, Espionage Detection and TSCM Services that helps you to take Policy decisions, Conduct business meetings with peace of mind and maintaining the confidentiality.

We have started our legacy a decade ago and since then we are continuously fulfilling the technical requirements of the industry. Our core clients include Corporate Sector of India but not limited to Indian Police, Military, Para-Military and other Government’s Intelligence Agencies, We have expertise in making custom designed Solutions which are specially designed to fulfill the specific requirements of our clients. We specialize in providing high-end Counter Surveillance Solutions, TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measure) Services, Electronic Sweeps (Debugging) and Cell Phone Spyware Detection Services.

What we do -


Fortune 500 companies of India turn to Law Abiding Technology to investigate the presence of electronic “bugs” for a variety of reasons and occasions, including:

  • Important events / Meetings
  • Examining a new office or facility prior to a company’s move-in
  • In advance of corporate Executive Board meetings
Using the latest technologies/ equipment’s available, our professionally trained Counter Surveillance team shall thoroughly Sweep/ Debug the venue to “sniff out/ detect” electronic surveillance devices like Electronic Bugs, Micro-Transmitters, Recorders, GSM bugs. Telephone Taps, Carrier Current Transmitters etc.  Since Law Abiding services are flexible and scalable, clients turn to Law Abiding to successfully perform “bug sweeps” in a variety of locations:

  • Office / Home / Vehicle
  • At one site or multiple locations
  • Throughout India

We introduce our services -


ANTI SURVEILLANCE SERVICES -                                                                                         

Law Abiding Technology deals in Counter Surveillance products that offer the very latest TSCM technology and techniques to counter bug detection of surveillance devices.

 Law abiding technology India’s best company in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) is our specialty. We eliminate telephone line bugs and wiretaps (using wiretap detection sweeps), computer data line taps and bugs (telecommunications security line sweeps), and bug sweeps your conference rooms.


 Antispy service is a unique service which helps you to safeguard your confidential data. In this service professionally trained team searches for bugs like audio recorders, camera, transmitter etc. Law abiding technology helps you to safeguard your valuable, confidential mobile, landline conversation. We provide both software as well as hardware solutions. Now day’s phone tapping and bugging threat are so high if you are in doubt that you are bugged by someone.


Law abiding technology offers countermeasures services for commercial and residential locations as well. Whenever we locate a bug, with very special equipment then we confirm that your location is clear, the result is peace of mind for our clients. On completion of the check, we provide our clients a detailed report of our findings, with recommendations for reducing exposure to eavesdropping.

Product - 



Our Cell Phone Jammers are designed to counter the contingencies effectively, by jamming the cell phone signals with the transmission of signals of adequate strength in the operating frequencies of CDMA, GSM and extended GSM Bands. They are ideally suitable for avoiding external distraction in Conference Halls, Hospitals, Libraries etc., for dealing with subversive activities effectively and for safety of major installations  



The hand-held radio frequency counter is compact, truly pocket-sized, versatile test instrument designed for measuring any digital, on/off keying or analog signal on frequencies between 30 MHz and 2.8 GHz. Supplied as a complete with internal NiCd pack, AC wall charger and 7 section telescopic antenna.

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New Delhi – 110 092,India